Yoga Treatment for Serious Illness

The 5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga Practitioners tout yoga for its mind-body benefits—flexibility, toned muscles, reduced stress, among others. More recently, scientists have begun to test yoga’s effect on serious medical conditions. The results have been impressive enough that investigators expect yoga will soon become part of the standard treatment for a number of […]


Yoga For Arthritis

When we say arthritis, you probably picture a crotchety old grandma with puffy knuckles bemoaning the weather. Guess again. Eight point four million adults under the age of 44 suffer from the disease, and swollen joints are a tiny part of the experience. Arthritis is actually an umbrella term covering more than 100 conditions that […]


Yoga and Strength: 10 Postures for Strength Athletes

Before diving into the ways in which yoga will increase your performance, let me first lay out a few guiding principles in how to approach yoga postures in the context of strength training: #1. Yoga is NOT stretching.   Or rather, it is not stretching as you may think of “stretching.” There are tons of […]


Why You Should Workout With Your Partner

Happy Valentine’s day! What better way to celebrate how much you love your partner than by going to the gym together, getting in a great sweat session, then divulging in a healthy meal and perhaps some treats too. But why hit the gym on a day that supposed to be all about chocolate, candies, cupcakes, […]


Pilates for Arthritis Pain Relief

Because Arthritis joint pain is caused by wear and tear on the joints you may not even consider exercising when you are hurting. To alleviate some of the pain and stiffness you are feeling, low impact exercises can be the best thing you can do. Exercising the muscles that cushion sore joints can lessen the […]


Balance and Running

Balance is extremely important in running, and balance is easy to take for granted as a runner. One of the reasons human beings can’t run until they’re 2 years old is that they lack the required balance. Think about it: When you run you’re either airborne or have just one foot on the ground at […]


The Benefits of Yoga for Men

The Benefits of Yoga for Men The world will undoubtedly be a better place when I can get more guys into Yoga. And I’m not just talking “better for the guys doing the yoga” – but better for everyone. The Benefits of Yoga for Men Many men are of the mindset that in order to […]


Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

Everyone uses Yoga for a number of different reasons; for almost any person there are a few different reasons. Usually, people tend to gravitate towards a specific type of Yoga best suited towards their physical as well as mental/emotional needs. Those who are looking for more of a workout tend to choose Bikram, Vinyasa, or […]


Pilates and Arthritis

  A lot of my clients unfortunately suffer from arthritis, which can be quite painful and considerably limit not only range of motion but even simple functional movement such as standing up or sitting down. Before we discover how Pilates can help arthritis, lets talk about what arthritis actually is. Simply put, arthritis is the […]


Ayurveda and Discovering Your Dosha

Ayurveda, is a very old science & health care system born in India around 7,000 years ago. Wow, that is old, but is it still relevant in our modern day life? The short answer is yes! I strongly believe the wisdom of Ayurveda holds the key to a multi-level system of health and wellness.  Ayurveda refers to the ‘science of […]